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Online Application

Love My Neighbor! Grant Application

You must complete the online application in one step. You cannot save your work and come back later.
We suggest using the Word document version to prepare your application and then enter the information into the online form.

You may also complete the application by hand or via Word and mail or deliver the completed application. Visit The Application page for more information.

  • Please enter a value between 500 and 2500.
  • Make sure you include to check off all parts of your application. After completing the application, revisit this question and to make sure you have completed all 5 tasks.
  • If you do not have one and need assistance finding one, please share that information below.
  • This section is for you to provide more information about your project and its impact. Please share important information here about your project.
  • This section is intended to help you identify the actions that you will take to complete your project. By outlining the amount of time you will spend for each step, this section will help you make sure that you complete your projects within the one year grant period.
    Please list ALL activities to prepare and carry out your project. Use the + option to add more rows.

    Note: All projects must be completed by June 15th 2019.
    Activity: What specific activities will you do to complete your project?Amount of time: How much time will it take for you to complete your activity? 
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  • This section is for you to provide information about the budget for your project. Be specific and clear about what you will be using the money for and what money you have to spend. Use the + option to add more rows.
    Keep in mind…
    1) Grants can fund food.
    2) Grants can fund the purchase of equipment such as computers and tools; however, you must justify why these items are key to completing your project.
    3) Grants will NOT fund paid staff, electric bills, or transportation.

    In the fields below, include the dollar amount and a description with the dollar amount.
    Income and donations (what income will you receive?) Include the grant request amount in the income.Expenses (how will you use the money?) 
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  • Applicants, especial returning applicants, are encouraged to match their grant with donated, in-kind and outside dollar contributions. Matching your grant means getting additional resources that equal or match the amount of money you are looking to receive through the grant program. Volunteer Contribution: We want you to account for volunteer's time and efforts. The way to do that is to convert volunteer hours expended into a dollar amount. The amount of money per hour for volunteer time is $24. If you had 10 volunteers that contribute 1 hour each, they would provide $240 of volunteer time to the grant.
    Total Volunteer ContributionTotal In-kind Donation ContributionTotal Outside Dollar ContributionTotal Match 
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